World Nurses Day: Obaseki hails sacrifices of nurses, assures of reforms to address under-staffing, training

The Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has hailed nurses across the world for the extra care and long hours they invest in taking care of patients and saving lives.

Obaseki who eulogised nurses on the occasion of the commemoration of the World Nurses Day, marked on May 12, each year, described the role of nurses in the health sector as essential.

“Nurses occupy a place of pride in the health care system. Virtually all of us have memories of how we were treated to good health by nurses, either as children or adults, and they have complemented doctors and other health workers in caring for the sick and ensuring quality life even in very challenging circumstances,” the governor said.

He maintained that “aside the long hours at work, nurses are on call both in the day and at night, attending to emergency, stay with patients on their way to recovery and sometimes at great personal cost.”

He assured that his administration “has commenced the reform of the state’s health sector with clear objectives, scope, timeline, and anticipated outcomes as well as partnership with the private sector to reposition the sector for better result.

“We have taken note of staffing, training and other issues and just as we are reforming the basic education sector, beginning with the basic education sub-sector, the health sector will receive the needed attention in the coming months.

“My approach to work is not tokenistic or knee jerk. Our plan for the health sector is comprehensive, covering building, equipment, training for staff, decent wage and incentives, health insurance for Edo people and robust partnership with the private sector to reposition it for better result,” the governor said.

Obaseki described the 2018 theme: “Nurses A Voice to Lead – Health is a Human Right,” adopted by the International Council on Nurses (ICN), as apt, and urged stakeholders in the sector to join the global conversation and amplify the voices of nurses on the relevance of the theme.

He further said that nurses all over the world deserve the respect and appreciation of everyone who has benefitted directly or indirectly from their care.

According to the United Nations, “the International Nursing Day is celebrated around the world on May 12, each year to mark the contributions nurses make to society.”

Governor Obaseki
Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State

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