The attention of Godwin Obaseki Campaign Organization (TeamGO) has been drawn to reports and rumours making the rounds that Godwin Obaseki Campaign Organization (TeamGO) collects Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) from party delegates ahead of the June 18 party primary of the All Progressives Congress (APC). TeamGO rejects in totality the unsubstantiated reports, claims and rumours. With the highest sense of responsibility, we state categorically that it is false, fabricated and nonsensical.

We have painstakingly investigated and traced the fabricated reports and rumours to some disgruntled aspirants of the party. The masterminds are strangers to the intricate configuration and structures of the APC in Edo State and thought in their political naivety that they needed to purchase PVCs from unsuspecting delegates in order to find a footing in the party. The purchase of PVCs by moneybags in the race was pure political misadventure and must have been muted by a complete neophyte feeding fat on their deep pockets. With the wide acceptance of Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki by the structures of the party down the ladder, TeamGO has no need for PCVs. Our sole interest is to encourage our party members and indeed, the Edo electorate to properly secure their PVCs ahead of the general election on September 10, 2016. There are differences between the founders and builders of the party and opportunistic joiners!

In their short sightedness, they considered it as smart strategy to first fire salvos of accusations against our campaign as a ploy to disguise the anti-democratic acts that they are perpetuating. As they say in popular parlance, it is not the first person to report a case at the police station that wins the case! It is an open secret that one of the aspirants severally boasted before delegates that he has set aside a whopping sum of $5 Million Dollars to purchase delegates as though delegates were commodities. One would have thought that all the aspirants would emulate Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki who took his message of continuity, of party strengthening and wealth creation to the delegates in their homes, towns, villages and hamlets.

For us in TeamGO, our confidence in the good conscience of our delegates has been reinforced by the face-to-face interaction we had with them during our meetings. On the contrary, most of our opponents settled for the monetization of the process by placing the delegates on monthly salary in order to compromise them and rig the party primary. They have continued to arrogantly distract and disorient the delegates with their surreptitious war chest with which they hope to buy the delegates at all cost. We therefore, call on the National Headquarters of our great party to urgently investigate the anti-democratic activities of these power mongers who desire power for its own sake rather than the wellbeing of our people. In the same vein, we have evidence of Bank transfers to delegates for the past eight months by one of aspirants, which we are sure the Inspector General Police will find useful in his investigation. They must be stopped in their attempt to make nonsense of democratic values and processes.

It is even more disturbing that the more traditionally inclined aspirants have degenerated to the absurd by compelling some delegates to take oath of loyalty to their aspiration at cult shrines. Yet, the moneybags among them have resorted to threatening delegates of serious consequences including physical molestation if they fail to cast their vote for them after collecting their money. The delegates are cognizant of the fact that it happened in the past when one of the aspirants beat up delegates and recovered his money from them using primitive and barbaric means to achieve his goal. From our interaction in the field, APC delegates will not be used as expendable pawns and will not offer themselves for sale to the highest bidder. They will vote for the man who best represents continuity and good governance! And that explains why we have witnessed the spate of endorsement for Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki across the State recently.

The undemocratic acts of deliberate monetization, oath taking, threats and intimidation by over-ambitious and desperate power mongers have poisoned the polity. Team GO wishes to state that this is a dangerous dimension which poses serious threat to the quest for free and fair primary. Some of them are understandably wrestling with the prospect of imminent rejection after previous failed attempts across party lines. But they must understand that this is only an internal selection process of the party. We must not deploy all arsenals at our disposal into the in-house process in order not to wear the party down ahead of the main battle against the opposition parties. We stand for civilized and matured politics where issues are canvassed. We stand for peaceful, free and fair primary come June 18, 2016.

Osarodion Ogie, Esq.
Godwin Obaseki Campaign Organization (GOCO)

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