PDP, Ize-Iyamu’s Petition Gone with the wind By Comrade Onaivi Cephas

The recently lathered Edo State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and her candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s, who were both beaten soundly and comprehensively by Governor Godwin Obaseki and the All Progressives Congress (APC), had dreamy and inordinate hopes of governing Edo State.

These hopes suffered such a hiding on Friday after the Election Petition showdown in Benin City that we cannot but recall how, in damning words, the petitioners had insisted that they harboured no lingering fears concerning the creaky legs on which it was discovered their arguments stood.

It had the trappings of a fatalistic car crash orchestrated by a sedan driver, who had wheedled himself into thinking that he could manoeuvre a tight corner at full speed, but had rammed, head on, into a magnificent oncoming trailer.

It was for good a reason, it seemed – to allow for uninterrupted progressive governance by Governor Godwin Obaseki whose record is on course and even phenomenal.

He is on such a completely good course that everyone, especially the good people of Edo state would agree that he should be rewarded with a standing ovation for the dramatic change going on in the state and for his sincerity in achieving these changes.

This trauma, suffered by the petitioners should actually not damage the quest by Edo people for good governance. There was no need for the petitioners to take the risk of sailing against a strengthening wind, especially when they had a leaking canoe and broken paddles.

They should have remained safely on shore, for the strength of the wind could be perceived even from the safety of shore. But no, they chose to careen into the eye of the storm, perhaps egged on by the falsest prediction ever made by one PDP chieftain that their party would rule Nigeria for 60 unbroken years. Not again!

It was a wretched mishap, and the petitioners paid dearly for it. They expended money and time and we only wait to see if the Pastor involved will pick himself from the trenches of defeat and save himself from being inveigled into pursing the lost cause any further. The cajoler would be none other than his party Chairman, Dan Orbih, the timid but scandalous political dribbler.

Which was fatal to them; the defeat at the election or the prosecution of their petition that was dead before arrival? Some say it was not only brought in dead, but it was also a double jeopardy, which transmogrified to quadruple jeopardy.

Whichever way, pity the poor petitioners – the pastor and the party – who should have watched and waited instead of suffering their hopes to be immolated on an altar of ignominy, and watched with increasing dispiritedness as the ashes were flung on the wind of defeat and into the swamp of rejected politicking.

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