The Edo state Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has said the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in the state is dead to sin, buried and can never be resurrected.

Oshiomhole stated this yesterday at a meeting with party leaders from the three senatorial districts of the state urging the people to imbibe the spirit of oneness ahead of the September 10 governorship election.

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The governor who expressed joy leaving office for the party candidate, Mr Godwin Obaseki said “the primary purpose of our party is to continue to work hard, not just to hold on to power for its own sake but to hold on to power so that we can sustain the wheel of development so that we can continue to add value and improve on the quality of lives of the great people of this great state. That is our primary purpose and what we have done in the past week was to select someone who will provide leadership, not only leadership because no one tree can constitute a forest. I believe haven past through that process, that phase, we are all winners. And you can see the power of democracy.

“I want to therefore thank you for all the support that each and every one of you here and millions of our people who are not here, party members and none party members, men and women, young and old that you have extended to me over the past ten years. My case has been a thing of miracle with God using every one of you to perform those miracles. I can never thank you enough.

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While declaring that party leaders should reconcile all aggrieved members of the party, he said, “Let me appreciate my younger brother with whom I have entrusted power not because we were the best but because God chose to use you to give us that favour. That is Pius Egberamwen Odubu, the Deputy Governor of Edo state. It doesn’t matter how the result went, I want to publicity appreciate him and I assure him I regard him as a brother.

“I had the privilege to brief President Buhari on the outcome of the primaries and the President said he is proud of you all who participated in the process. What is important is the process because we know that no matter what one person will emerge therefore it is the process that brought that person that we will celebrate”

He continued, “For our leaders, this is the time you have to settle small quarrels, politicking and politricking always create a little bit of irritation but leaders know how to settle them. No more rumours about who had meeting last night so please help us to reunite, reconcile and rebuild internal coercion and resort old friendship, old alliances. I am renewing my own with my deputy governor. I ask you to do the same; it is one party, one destination.

Talking to the PDP, he said, “They are planning now how to come back; only those who died like Christ and only one born of a virgin woman can resurrect like Christ, those who died in the political scene can never be resurrected. PDP died in Sin and they remain buried and they can’t resurrect certainly not in our life time.

“By yesterday (Wednesday) PDP if you ask me elected a more credible candidate, now the problem with that is that the candidate is not carrying the kind of baggage that the other candidate is carrying. So our campaign message must be different. Only last week that I was meeting with some traditional rulers and I said a man who is not yet in government went to the bank to collect 700 million meant to acquire equipment to fight the Boko Haram not to procure even vigilant group to secure Edo people but he took this money and by the time he went to Port Harcourt to narrate who he spent the money with, when they added it together it was not complete” he added.

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