A NEW epoch in the chronicles of progressive continuity for the people of Edo State is about to commence. Consequent on a vigorously-prosecuted campaign and well-deserved victory for the All Progressive Congress, APC,  on September 28th, Godwin Obaseki is now focused on the philosophical framework and fundamental mechanics for the energised acceleration of the new administration effective November 12th.

Right from the initial hours after he was declared the winner, Obaseki told some of his supporters that there will be no time for a prolonged celebration, rather the Governor-elect  instructed that it was time for the conversion of the campaign manifesto  into a blueprint for concrete actualisation of promises. As the incoming governor communicated in an immediate post –election meeting to his supporters,’’ we must strive daily to justify and reciprocate the trust and political faith invested in us by Edo voters with honest efforts at producing tangible life-changing economic results.’’ As he often repeated during the campaigns, the Governor-elect continued with the theme for his team to embrace the  obligation to move Edo State to the collective cherished location envisaged by the electorate within  Africa’s  leading economic  and political power house, Nigeria.

The momentum being engendered by the in-coming governor is faithfully in synchronism with the contemplation and aspirations of the voters who so vehemently rejected retrogression, rather they choose the journey of continuous leap on the road of progress-the voters seem determined to avoid any diversion from the boulevard of Adam Oshionmhole’s iconic achievements to Godwin Obaseki’s envisaged terrain of more illuminated milestones of progressive accomplishments.  The emergent trajectory of thought by the incoming governor is not in any way surprising to those who closely followed the journeys of GO as an aspirant and candidate:  it was clear that the Governor –elect   was always from the onset genuinely engaged in intimate  dialogue  and profound conversation with Edo people during the campaigns; he unquestionably had his eyes on the ultimate prize as well as the welfare of the state. The unprecedented campaign travels undertaken by the Governor-Elect across 192 electoral wards of Edo State is bound to manifest benefits in the various policy directives immediately after inauguration. One fact among others that is absolute is that the in-coming governor will not be arriving Osadebey House as a clueless apprentice but an executive who is ready to ignite the engine of increased productivity in some critical aspects of the economy immediately following assumption of office.


In addition to his own formidable professional background in the world of finance and ecnonomics, Obaseki’s successful tenure as the Chairman of the State Economic Team along with extensive mutually enlightening interactions with voters during the campaigns is a huge credit for Edo State.  Any intimate study of the pre-inaugural contour of the road map being drawn by the incoming governor will reveal some quintessential elements  of a   far-sighted technocrat and pragmatist. The various memos on various aspects of the  economic blueprint by Obaseki  points to the nurtured imagination and sober reflection of a chief executive who will fuse the best  ideals of classical Political Economy with exigent  humane  policy interventions and enhanced Public-Private Partnership initiatives. So dedicated to the rapid evolvement of Edo State’s potentials within Nigeria and the global economy is the Governor-Elect as he  inspires a translatable vision of  an exceptionally  dynamic economic and industrial modern state in  the heart of Nigeria. The uniqueness of the detailed economic and political landmarks that is being constructed by the Governor-elect illuminates a new pathway for the integrated mobilisation and expanded participation of an enlarged citizenry in the practical journey of progressive continuity.


From the successful commencement of the Azura-Edo Independent Power Plant in which the incoming governor played a key role  to the idea of creating networks for local farmers around  agribusiness hubs , Edo State is unstoppably prepared for remarkable  progress. The train of transition is in motion, the Governor-elect is dedicatedly laying the foundation to fully accommodate the projected creative capacities and increased productivity of Edo people. There’s a genuine passion to the flourish in Obaseki’s development agenda; there’s indeed an undeniable realism in the paradigm of the incoming governor’s enthusiastic focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead for his administration.


In addition to other sectors on which the Governor-elect is focused, the instance of his strategy for agricultural revolution holds a premium place of urgency. The outline of the sector reveals an encompassing perspective of both ‘’ farm to table ‘’ endeavours as well as the vision of agriculture as a business-as an endeavour that is now central to the economic survival of our state and nation. With well studied perspective, the incoming governor is engaged in earnest re-orientation dialogue with critical segments of people regarding the three-pronged process that will be executed under his planned green revolution. Godwin Obaseki sees huge benefits for rural development, incubation and expansion of entrepreneurial capacities simultaneously with determined job creating initiatives from this sector. Right from the campaign fields to the post-victory strategy sessions, the incoming governor has injected a persuasively articulate working narrative around the Green Agenda.


It is quite noteworthy that the Governor-elect has actually begun the actual mathematics of generating 150-thousand jobs for Edo people within the agricultural sector. The speed energy for the agribusiness and jobs network will spur from the foundational principles of well-tested growth strategy.


This includes Obaseki’s  decision to incentivize agricultural development programmes around key crops’’ with natural adaptive advantage’’ to Edo State; the Governor-elect  reasonably projects  the  State as occupying frontlines of competitive advantage in such areas as oil palm, cassava, rubber, cocoa, plantain and fruits cultivation. In the implementation of the strategy relating to the key crops, aspiring and existing agribusiness entrepreneurs as well as small farmers can key into the promising idea of locations within the hubs of out-growers and internationally accomplished agribusinesses specific to the natural adaptive crops. With such arrangements, the farmers will thus be guaranteed proximity to well endowed steady markets for their produce.

Mr. Oteghe Adams, a public affairs analyst, wrote from Benin city, Edo State.

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