…creative hub fitted with 24-hour power, high-speed internet

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has said his administration is developing a world-class entertainment hub in the premises of the state-owned newspaper, Nigerian Observer that will attract filmmakers and music producers from across the world.

Obaseki said the facility under construction will house expensive and world-class equipment that will enhance the production of movies, music and other activities in the entertainment industry.

The governor, who was on an inspection tour of the facility, said his administration has sourced funds from the German Government to finance and complete the project.

“We are expecting a real hub at this facility. Stakeholders in the entertainment industry who do not have the capital to buy expensive equipment to mix and finish their production at the hub.

“With the assistance of the German Government, we have sourced for money and are redesigning the facilities as you can see. We have gotten electricity from CCETC-OSSIOMO to have 24/7 power supply.”

“We already have fibre optic connection in this place. This will help attract a lot more men and women in the entertainment industry who are doing great things,” he added.

The governor said at the completion of the entertainment hub it will attract movie and music makers from surrounding States to produce their music, movies, documentaries and more.

“We have just closed a five-year bond and the money is available to finish the work as fast as possible”.

The governor also visited the permanent site of Benin Central Park where he expressed confidence in the quality of work done, noting, “When it’s completed, it will take 300 buses and 300 taxes or smaller vehicles.

“We have to plan and build the best for our people; the central park is for our people. It will be for buses and taxes, which is what is missing in the transportation infrastructure of the State.

“This is the main park and six other mini parks will be located around the city to help structure the transportation system in the State. There was no transportation plan, but now, we have a plan and this is the outcome of that planning.”

Noting that it was necessary to provide a structure for the state’s transport system, he said: “Benin City is a natural transport hub in the country and transportation is one of the key economic activities here. When you get to Benin, you can get to anywhere in the country. This park will help to regulate the movement of the people and their vehicles. Our transportation plan four years ago has given us this facility and other facilities, which will be further expanded.”

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