The APC gubernatorial candidate for the September 10 Edo elections addressed a mammoth crowd of Edo people in diaspora yesterday in Atlanta and gave them hope for a better future for Edo state in a well structured and coordinated economy under his leadership come November 2016.


Mr Obaseki spoke on wide variety of issues especially with particular repsect to land reforms, taxation, role of diaspora remittance in economic development, agricultural development, educational curriculum, relationship between skills, technology and education and poverty reduction.


He further promised to make security of lives and property as a major plank of his government when voted into power. He particularly spoke on the advantageous position of Edo state as an economic hub in Nigeria. He identified the fact that outside of oil, Edo state is one of the few states that can survive on its own and this feat was achieved under Governor Oshiomhole and reiterated his determination to build on such progress.


On the issue of land reforms, Mr Obaseki lauded Edo diaspora for contributing to the beautification of the state through modern housing development etc, he however said that government will continue to modernize land acquisition in the state to ensure that touts and communities do not take advantage of lack of government well planned layout to extort investors and genuine diaspora Edo people.


A date that coincided with his birthday, was marked with a surprise birthday cake, the mark had all Edo people in attendance irrespective of political affiliation. The APC chairman in America praised Edo APC for organizing very transparent primaries that produced Mr Obaseki.


The APC candidate promised to run an issued based campaign and will run away from personal insults on his opponents stating that there are so many issues confronting the people of Edo state to the extent that there will be no time for distraction.


He promised to work with stakeholders in Edo state to have a look at the educational curriculum to reflect more of technology, industrialization and demand side of the economy. According to Mr Obaseki, technical education will be given a serious priority to ensure that we take advantage of the industries that will be established by private sectors investors. Edo state has abundant human resources that require training and re-training to be employable under the expected industrial revolution and commercial upsurge in the next few years.



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