Obaseki links successes recorded in first term to prudent mgt of resources, accountability

…urges residents to pay taxes for sustained devt

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has attributed the successes recorded across different sectors of the state in his first term to the government’s transparency, accountability and prudent management of resources.

Obaseki, in a statement, noted that the deployment of the state’s resources to healthcare and education sectors, industrial and infrastructural projects, among others, in the first four years, led to massive infrastructural development in the state, engendered economic development and improved the lives of Edo people.

He said the prudent management of resources has made Edo State a reference point in the comity of states in terms of financial resources management and good governance.       

The governor, who assured that his government will sustain the gains recorded in the first term, urged citizens to pay their taxes regularly to enable the government continue to discharge its responsibilities to the people.

According to him, “In the last four years, we have shown that there are superior ways of running government. We have utilized core values such as transparency, accountability, inclusiveness, prudence and co-governance.  Today, we are acclaimed to be a success story in good governance in Nigeria.

“Because of our antecedents in managing resources and redefining and deepening the social contract between government and Edo people, we believe that we will be able to respond to the economic consequences of the pandemic and realize our vision of Making Edo Great Again (MEGA).

Obaseki continued: “The social contract between government and the people, which you redefined in the last election, calls for trust and reciprocity. This brings me to the point of the need to deal with the false dichotomy between what belongs to the people and what belongs to the government.

“We must realize that what belongs to the government, belongs to the people and vice versa.  It is the bridging of this dichotomy that would help us to deal with the realities and challenges that we face in our society today.

“This gulf also manifests in the apathy towards taxation, which is the core duty of citizenship. Why should we have problems getting our people to pay taxes to a government who they voted for? Government does not have money of its own. The money the government utilizes to provide service for its people is actually the peoples’ money.”

“What we guarantee you, my dear people of Edo people, is that we will provide value for your money (tax revenues) by utilizing it judiciously, transparently and with accountability,” he assured.

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