A man loaded with a visionary road -map needed to transform Edo State.
Godwin Obaseki will win the Edo Governorship election with landslide victory.

Barring shameful Nigeria factor of intriques and “419” manipulations , Godwin Obaseki is home and dry as next Governor of Edo State !
By the grace of God, we Edos in the Diaspora , exposed and strenghtened with professional insight of things, all stand wholeheartedly by him because we see in him a passionate mind-set with total command of the elements of good governance which will make possible, positive dividends for every citizen in Edo state.
Such character trait is lacking in most Nigeria politicians and it is this that sets Godwin Obaseki apart .

He is a leading light that beacorns millions of Edo citizens and other Nigerians to new shores of peace and prosperity in a setting  where the past glory of the Edo Empire as cradle of civilisation and superior African tradition and culture is re-kindled.
We see Governor elect Godwin Obaseki facilitating re-positioning of Edo ( Benin City ) whose evidenced based cultural achievement is documented globally in all the significant museums of the world; be they in Berlin, London, Paris, Brussels, Vienna , Zurich, Amsterdam, Rome, Washington D.C, Tokyo, Moscow and St. Petersburg and of course in Igun Street and at the Royal palaces of the Oba of Benin and his delegated Chiefs.
Godwin Obaseki is capable of making Edo the preferred tourists destination port of call for international tourists to bring in more revenue for the nation than Crude Oil , the now problem gift of Nigeria.
Of particular interest is how Godwin Obaseki convincingly and confidently marshalled his plans to resolve the burning issues of the day in Edo State by using today’s Digital age tools in e – governance, by driving Education with Skills acquisition enabling job creativity and employment for youths, propelingl economic empowerment and uplift for all through self-enterprise that is facilitated by Start-up capital funds delivered by banks in Nigeria.

This snapshot picture is one of hope fulfilled for better life and wellbeing for all citizens.
Godwin Obaseki’s plans and promises are consistent with United Nations aspirations for the new “World We Want”
A world of Sustained Development in Africa to put end to paradoxical poverty, disease and want in a land full of plenty.
God will see Godwin Obaseki through.

Vote for a man of competence, dedication and passion for true Change .
Vote for the preferred choice of reasonable, rational and realistic Edos who want Change,
palpable and visible in scope, depth and degree throughout Edo State and indeed Nigeria..

Oba a to…o kpeee, lse !!!

From; Professor Edwin Scott Osawe Amiagbonyi Asemota
1st. Co-Chairman, Nigeria Diaspora Germany
With ex-President Obasanjo presiding, launched Nigeria Diaspora Europe Chapter, London 22 Sept. 2002.
Associate Consultant and member, United Nations Development Group, New York, N.Y, USA

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