Obaseki Dismisses PDP’s Allegations on Court Service

My attention has been drawn to a report credited to the PDP that Edo State Governor-elect, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has been evading and avoiding the service of court papers

The Governor-elect was not under the control of the court, to have known that the PDP had filed her petition which makes their allegation patently false. Also, how does the PDP expect Godwin Obaseki to know that legal summons or notices will arrive his home or office?

The PDP knows what to do – we are not aware they have filed besides we are not to help them do their job. I urge the PDP to do their best and make sure they serve all the parties involved to enable them prepare their reply.

Godwin Obaseki is a man whose addresses – both home and office are not unknown. He has no dog at home to unleash or one that will jump on anybody who attempts service on him. I urge the PDP to freely knock at his door and do the needful.

Signed Mr. John Mayaki

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