Obaseki commits to de-risking agricultural value chain to make farming attractive for youths

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has reassured that his administration will continue to pursue reforms and programmes to reduce the risk in agriculture to attract more youths to the sector and boost food production.

The governor, while speaking to investors at the Edo Summit in Benin City, said his government will take increased efforts to expand, modernise and revolutionise agriculture in the state to lure more youth to the agricultural sector.

According to him, “We will reduce and remove the risk of land for cultivation, the risk of not being able to sell farm produce and those of not having good roads to transfer their produce to the market.

“Government has to understand the risk value chain and work on it to create better advantages for our farmers to thrive. We will continue to pursue reforms and programmes that reduce the risk in agriculture and attract more youths to the sector to boost food production.”

The governor further noted: “Our focus in the next four years is on the young people of Edo State. We are not going to do this by giving you handouts or expanding the government to make everybody an appointee. 

“We are going to do it by making sure that the government is efficient and accountable to you and that the taxes we raise from you is judiciously spent to provide the conducive environment to do business.”

“All we can do is to open up the government so that you can be heard. The fastest and best way to do this is to emphasise technology. If Edo is going to be great again, then it is the young people that must make it happen,” he added.

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