Job creation, empowerment top Obaseki’s agenda

There are indications that the Edo State Governor-elect, Mr. Godwin Obaseki and his Deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu would hit the ground running any moment after inauguration on November 12th, if report from his Transition Committee is anything to go by.

The Governor-elect who is said to have swung into action to prepare the 2017 budget estimates was said to have identified job employment and empowerment as his major focus – thereby making it the priority on his agenda.

Obaseki, the brain behind Oshiomhole’s successful economic polices had during his campaign flag-off, delivered a 72-minute manifesto that set his political career fully blown in motion and this rocket-fuel intensity speech soon set a new generation of young and old, men and women, boys and girls, APC and PDP alike jockeying for attention and space into their future careers in the soon-to-be-formed government.

Specifically, when the Governor-elect gave a peep into what Edo people should expect from his government, especially the 200,000 job creation, it came with disbelief to many but, he has also offered to assist with an explanation on its workability.

“Take for instance”, according to Obaseki, “in a sectorial sequence, agriculture” – the registered farmers in Edo state and in the 18 local government areas out-numbers 35,000; small holding farmers – this statistics is according to records from the Ministry of Agriculture”.

This records also shows that each of these 35,000 farmers occupy at least 2 to 5 hectares of land which summarily means 115,000 hectares with a labour requirement of 3 workers per hectares of production.

Again, to be more specific – take for instance, a rice farmer with 5 workers per hectares of production – the same applies to cassava. Arithmetically, this translates to a manpower of 315,000 and up to 500,000 workers – this calculation in the agricultural entrepreneurial scheme is for 2 crops alone – this is the basis for the Governor-elect’s conservative 200,000 jobs that would herald the emergence of future stars and alleviate poverty, if not eradicate it.

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