BENIN CITY: The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki has promised to use his wealth of experience and all that God has blessed him with to govern and bring blessings to Edo people.

He made the statement in Benin city at the Imaguero Secondary School multipurpose hall, venue of the interactive mass meeting organized by the leadership of Godwin Obaseki Support Group (GOSG) for him to interact with members of the different social cultural groups, artisans, students associations, market women, drivers unions and religious bodies whom were all in attendance to listen to him on his plans vision  and mission for Edo State and to ask questions on areas they desire clarity on in his manifesto to Edo people.

He pointed out that the reason he is in the race to govern Edo is to ensure that Edo does not return to the dark days of underdevelopment when those who govern it complained and gave excuses that Edo is a poor state and cannot embarked on developmental projects of building roads, schools, hospitals and all other endeavors that will make life more meaningful for Edo people but instead they looted the state to stupor and brought hardship to the people.

He noted that God has richly blessed him by allowing him to have good education; good parents and above all allow him to hail from a good family. He said “This election is about you and not me because, democracy is about the people. The people are the owners of government and they are to lead. For us, we will as government provides the plans for which we are going to govern but you will be the one that will determine who governs you. Last Saturday during the flag-off, I said the reason why I am running for governor is simple, I am one of those people God has blessed and I am truly lucky in this life. God has done so much for me and given so much to me. So my story is different from the story of so many other people, and they say “to whom much is given, much is expected”. So as God has done for me that I cannot remember when last I went to bed without food is enough for me to understand the fact that all this favor he has showered me with is to use it in return to bless others so that our society will be better and have more people like me in the society with the same blessings of God”.

“It is not about money or fame but, the ability to answer the question of what can I do to help my people in return. God has given me good education, good parents and good family but we have watched over the years before the coming of the Comrade Governor and saw the decadence that befell our dear State that we were once proud of and wondered how it was ran down to a state of absolute squalor which now made many of us at home and the Diaspora to be ashamed of our state because some persons has ran it down”.

“We were told by the same people who are now seeking to come back and govern us that, Edo is a poor State and that there was nothing government can do to bring development, but today, the reverse is the case, everybody can see what the Comrade governor has done and still doing in restoring the glory of our dear state. The roads they said the state has no money to build has been built, the schools and hospitals just to mention but few are all been given attention”. “Now that the tenure of the Comrade Governor is coming to an end there is need for someone who understand the current plan to continue after his tenure so that we don’t return the State back to its inglorious years of locust administration before the rescue of Com. Adams Oshiomhole and the man who can continue the developmental plan is someone who understands it and has been part of the creation of the plan from the very beginning and I have looked round and see myself fit for the job, that is why I am offering myself to continue.

The comrade governor has laid the foundation for a new Edo State my responsibility will be to build on it and take it to a greater height”. He stated.

Earlier while welcoming all participants to the event the leader of the group who is the acting State Coordinator Mr. Taiwo Akerele, thanked all participants who were present at the event and said the reason they called for the interactive section with Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki was for all concerned to have the opportunity to interact one on one with him as regard his manifesto and ask questions if need be on areas they felt they were not cleared on.


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