Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Chairman Edo State Economic and Strategy Team, a financial and investment expert and foremost governorship aspirant to the seat of governor, Edo State, has said he has the capacity to deliver on the Edo project plan, which according to him is being implemented by the Comrade Governor.

According to him, the development we have witnessed in the last seven and a half years in Edo State was not by accident but a deliberate plan by the State Government led by Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole to seeing that the state becomes an investment destination point for all investors from both Nigeria and the diaspora.

He made the statement while speaking with delegates in Esan South East ward 8 Ugboha where he told them the comrade governor has done well in advancing the implementation of the plan which he is an integral part of.

He added that he is ready to continue from where the comrade Governor will stop to ensure the project plan is not abandoned.

I have the capacity to deliver on the Edo Project ——— Mr. Godwin Obaseki

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