Today, Comrade governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole of Edo State congratulated and thanked all aspirants, delegates and canvassers of the various aspirants at the recently concluded Edo APC Guber prinmaries, which took place in Benin on the 18th of June, at the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium.

Governor Oshiomhole praised the efforts of all the aspirants who participated at the primaries, recognizing one of the as worthy and credible representative of the peoples of Edo state. Governor Oshiomhole congratulated the winner of the APC Primaries, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, on his victory, saying that if the 2,500 plus delegates of the APC across the length and breadth of Edo State found him worthy to take edo state to the next level of “The Edo Project.” It must therefore be seen as the most widespread endorsement off the political leadership of the most credible party in Nigeria.

He thanked and praised all the supporters, stakeholders and canvassers of the various political parties for portraying the respective principals in positive lights and showing the APC in the best possible way.

Comrade Governor Adams Oshiomhole enjoined all present to now unite and together step forward as one united political family of progressives to showcase the party and its candidate, Mr Godwin Obaseki, as the only viable path to peace, progress and prosperity of all Edo peoples wherever they may be. He assured all present of the government continued implementation of its 2016 budgeted project, till the very last day if his administration and an elevated continuation of his progressive, developmentalist and welfarist ideology.


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