Dear leaders, delegates and members of the Edo State All Progressives Congress (APC),

Let me commence by acknowledging our true heroes of democracy who today have proven that our democracy and indeed our people have evolved and are far more sophisticated than we have given credit for.

Today is a great day for our democracy and for our party the All Progressives Congress (APC). It is a great day for development in Edo State. Today, we have commenced another phase in our journey into our brighter future. A future which will define us as as a modern and progressive state where every citizen is empowered with opportunities to live life to its fullness.

I am indeed humbled by this nomination and will like to state that this is our collective victory and thank you all. This is only the beginning.

The challenge is for us, to take the contest to the next level. As a party we must continue to work as a team to deliver victory at the September 10 Governorship election. And let me assure you that WE WILL WIN.

The administration of the Comrade Governor came on the heels of decades of mismanagement, unproductive and failed policies, all shrouded in excuses by the PDP past government. But in the face of these challenges, the administration dared to envision an Edo state that will become a leading economic centre in Nigeria where the people live in dignity, powered by a Government that is responsive to their needs. Today, we are proud that Edo stands out as a success story. We will build on That success and continue to live up to the metaphor of our state – The heart beat of Nigeria.

Today we have collectively decided on who will fly the flag of our great party (the APC) in the Governorship Election of September 10 2016. My greates encouragement in this race were my co-contestants. This array of accomplished individuals include my Sister and my Brothers namely:

  1. His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Pius Odubu, Deputy Governor of Edo State
  2. Professor Osariemen Osunbor
  3. The only Woman aspirant, Mrs Tina Agbarha,
  4. Engr. Chris Osa Ogienmwonyi
  5. Gen. Charles Airiavbere (RTD)
  6. Prof. Fredrick Ebegue Amadasun
  7. Barr. Kenneth Imasuagbon
  8. Comrade Peter Esele
  9. Mr. Blessing Agbonmeire
  10. Arch Austin Emuan
  11. Hon. Emmanuel Arigbe-Osula

The fact that all of them are truly distinguished and accomplished people makes my victory today even more humbling.

I therefore extend a hand of fellowship to each of them and implore them to continue to work for the party as they have always done so that we can complete this journey which we have already began.

Together we will go into the governorship race with the mission to:

  1. Govern with conscience and equity to boost the confidence of Edo People;
  2. Develop our infrastructure, build institutions and service culture to attract valuable investments;
  3. Provide access to social welfare services for the well-being of our people and communities including healthcare, education, jobs, housing, recreational facilities and preservation of our culture;
  4. Broaden our economic base to develop industries and create jobs for our youth.

These will form the bedrock and mission as I quest for the office of Governor of Edo State.

I must finally appreciate all the delegates who have made today truly glorious for our party and our state.

I assure you all that your sacrifices and trust will usher in a more prosperous and progressive Edo State.

Let us go further, together.




Godwin Obaseki

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