My energy rekindled to work for Edo’ – Obaseki

Surrounded by friends and supporters outside the Edo State High Court,
Governor Obaseki has declared that his energy has been rejuvenated to work
for the people of Edo State, while also branding the petition against the
September 28 elections in Edo as petty.

This was as the Election Tribunal, which sat at the Edo State High Court
in Benin City, dismissed the petition by the People’s Democratic Party
(PDP) and her candidate for their failure to prove the allegations
levelled against all three respondents.

Meanwhile, commending the judgement, Governor Obaseki said: “It was a very
well-researched judgement and it was clear that the opposition had no
grounds or merit in their petition. This judgement has now rekindled my
energy to work for the people of Edo State. We hope that this will be the
last time we will have petty petitions challenging the will of our

He continued that the judgement proved that the All Progressives Congress
(APC) won the election free and fair and that the people of Edo State were
strongly behind the party and his government.

“I thank God, I thank the judges for the amazing job they have done, and
we want all of you to go back and have yourselves a wonderful Easter
holiday,” he said.

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