BENIN: Following the recent violent occurrence and happenings that attended his campaign at Sobe in Owan West LGA ward 11 recently, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has said election is about contest of ideas, issues and not war.

He made the statement in Benin at his campaign office when he played host to Mr. Innocent Idibia also known as Tuface. A music icon and legend in his own right who was recently conferred a honorary master of Art in music degree by the prestigious Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State. He said he was at the campaign office with members of his foundation to advance the message of non-violent election. A message his foundation has been preaching over the last two years across the country. According to him the theme of the project by the foundation is “Vote not Fight, Election no be War.”

He pleaded with the political class in Edo State to eschew violence and embrace peace for the betterment of all.

While thanking the music legend for his innovative thought, Mr. Godwin Obaseki said his coming (Tuface) to the campaign office was for him a validation of what his campaign team has been preaching. He said the conduct of the campaign which is known as Team-GO has been on the part of issues and idealistic messaging of its plans for Edo people.

According to him, “Your coming today is a validation of what we have been preaching. I am particularly excited about this initiative of yours. As you may have read in the news, I was almost a victim of electoral violence few days ago. Because we went Campaigning and the people we went to see had some quarrel among themselves and before we knew what was happening there was a gunshot and we had no choice than to abandon the visit and went away. Also, two Weeks ago the deputy Governor had similar incident somewhere in Auchi and with all these put together, you could not have come in more auspicious time than now. So, we want to thank you very much and for me personally this is my first time entering into politics it is my first election. So, violence is very strange to us. For me election is not war, it is a contest, a contest of ideas and a contest of issues. It can only be an argument between two or more opinion bloc of one saying I want to do for my people this, and the other say I can do better. So, it is about trying to convince our people to accept a superior idea. That is what an election is supposed to be about and not about war and fighting”.

“ The whole idea why we are in politics is to expand the space, to show younger generation, that different type of people, who are from the corporate World can come and play politics that politics is not about ruffian, corruption but, an honorable thing to do which is about service”.

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