Charity they says begins at home, just yesterday I went to the public primary school I attended from primary five to primary six, named Army children school located at Army barracks in ikpoba hill Benin city. A school that has produced many outstanding personalities and my humble self.

The school is made up of about 12 blocks of class rooms.Prior to my graduating from the school and years after,the school was looking like a pig rearing farm, with mushroom like buildings, leaking roofs or virtually no roof in some blocks,no chairs nor desks, dirty environment with red sandy floor in class rooms. It was really a sorry situation, a condition that made me leave public school for a private school for my secondary education.

But on my recent visit to the school about six blocks of the school has been rebuilt with red aluminium roofs, tiles floor, glass windows, fans,well furnished with desks and chairs, and attached to each block is a good toilet facilities. With this development this public primary school can compete with any private school in the state

Education is the bedrock of development and the comrade Adams oshiomhole government has shown commitment in reawakening the values of public schools in the state with his developmental strides in the education sector for the past seven and half years.

APC government led by the comrade governor did what the pdp couldn’t do in ten years,posterity will not forgive me if I fail to support and preach the message of continuity to Edo people.

Godwin obaseki will do more ,let’s support him for contiuity.

I am Comrade-Austeen Imoniche Oviosun and i support Obaseki to move Edo forward.

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