Former deputy governor of Edo State Rev. Peter Obadan has assured the governorship aspirants that the primary will be very transparent. He said: “Let the best in character, experience and intellect emerge.”

Obadan, who is a member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the APC, in his democracy day message to the party, said: ”Beloved APC Edo State delegates, think before you make your choice from the list of aspirants who are aspiring to be governor. The APC has a system that manifests transparency. I conducted that of the Lagos State and I know that rigging is not feasible”.

He added: “Voting is secretly done and it’s a case of conscience. Let no man despise or intimidate you. Money may be offered to purchase your vote, but think. Find out if that aspirant has ever attended your meetings or related with politicians in the past before deciding to aspire to be our governor. Did you see him in the past presidential or governorship campaigns? Has he ever mounted the rostrum to campaign? Has he ever voted in his constituency? Why would such now seek the governorship crown? Monkey don work bamboo wan com chop. Think. The country has moved beyond the politics of money. Our youths are now well read and can no longer be deceived with oratory jargon.”

Ahead of the June 8 primary, some delegates from Ikpoba-Okha, Oredo, Owan West and Owan East local government areas have protested what they called intimidation and harassment by some of their leaders.

In Ikpoba-Okha, the delegates complained about the threat by a commissioner at a meeting. The delegates lamented how the commissioner vowed to cage them from seeing other aspirants before the primary.

One of them said: “This is not democracy. This is not one man, one vote as preached by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. This is not the slogan of let the people lead. We should be allow to vote according to our conscience. That is what democracy entails.”

Also, Oredo local government delegates have their complaints. They lamented the threat and harassment by some leaders.

Owan West and East delegates said a National Assembly member called them for a meeting last week and threatened to deal with any one who refuse to vote for a particular aspirant.


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