Democracy Day: Obaseki calls for all hands on deck

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has assured the people of Edo State that his administration is committed to adhering to democratic conduct and that it would deploy democratic ideals to develop every sector of the state to make it an international model of good governance.
This was as the governor released a statement congratulating Edo State and Nigeria or sustaining democracy and remaining united and focused on its path to greatness.
The governor explained that democracy entailed many features and connoted different meanings to different people in the world, vowing to promote it in the state by observing the Rule of Law, orderliness in the society, fair distribution of resources, and welfare and infrastructural enhancement.
Governor Obaseki, however, stated that democracy, like Rome, could not be built in a day and that it took conscious efforts from both the people and the government to make the system of governance work.
He said: “Needs and demands are in their legions, but the resources available are inadequate. Democracy requires all hands to be on deck. The people democracy should uplift have a number of roles to play just as the government, which represents the interest of the people cannot afford to run away from its responsibilities.
Meanwhile, he thanked the people of Edo State for the trust they reposed in his administration, promising to fulfil the mandate he was elected to execute.
In addition, the Governor also remembered those, who sacrifice for the realisation of democracy day, paying tribute to their struggle and calling for emulation of their labour, continuing that democracy and its tenets must be protected and nurtured to establish an enduring culture for generations yet unborn.

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