The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr Godwin Obaseki has stated that his administration will focus on developing the agricultural sector to boost the economy of state.

Obaseki made the statement on Friday while addressing party supporters in Amedokhian, Uromi, in Esan North local government area of the state.

The governorship candidate noted that his administration will develop the agric sector by investing heavily in it because it is the key the state needs to open up and resuscitate its economy.

Obaseki, who pointed out that the fall in crude oil price is a stack reminder to every right-thinking individual or group that the time to fully develop the agriculture sector is now, added that if voted into office, his administration will give the sector the attention it needs because it holds the key to sustainable economic regeneration and continuous employment creation in the state.

According to him, “We all know that crude oil has been the major backbone of our economy. We also know that right now its price has fallen drastically. What we need to know is that developing the Agric sector is key to reboosting our economy. We will do this by investing heavily on the hugely untapped agricultural potentials all over the state. By investing in the sector, the state will not only put its economy on the path of sustainable growth and feed its people, it will also our employment capacity”.

Obaseki also promised that developing the sector to be the pillar on which the economic resuscitation of the state stands is not difficult because the state is naturally endowed with vast agricultural potentials.

According to him, what is required is the political will to do the needful. He assured that if voted into office, the people of the state will be glad that they did because he has the wherewithal, both in investment and political experiences to do the needful.

“Edo state is blessed with arable land that is very suitable for large scale farming. If voted into office, my administration will place high premium on the development of the sector through continuous investment so that the state can feed the people, increase its economic profile and put thousands of people in employment. I have promised to deliver over 200,000 jobs within my administration’s first four years.

“It is not rocket science but a simple determination to do the needful. I am specialist in investment and the good news is that each community in the state is blessed with so much agricultural potentials that if well harnessed, the sky is our limit in terms of food sufficiency, economic growth and employment generation. That is why my administration will invest so much in the sector by bringing in investable funds. At the end of the day, our determination to provide the empowerment we talk about will be seen as it is achievable”, Obaseki pointed out.

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