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World Hand Hygiene Day: Edo urges stakeholders to sustain campaign on regular handwashing

4 May 2022

The Edo State Primary Health Care Development Agency (ESPHCDA) has urged stakeholders to collaborate with the government across all levels to sustain awareness campaigns on regular hand washing to prevent diseases.

The Executive Secretary, ESPHCDA, Dr. (Mrs.) Otaniyenuwa Obarisiagbon, made the submission in commemoration of the 2022 World Hand Hygiene Day in Benin City.

She urged healthcare workers, parents and other stakeholders to adopt the culture of washing hands frequently in order to prevent diseases.

She said, “Healthcare workers are to ensure proper handwashing with soap and water before contact with patients, before a sceptic procedure, after contact with patients’ body fluids, and after leaving the patients surrounding in line with the World Health Organisation’s 5 moments of hand hygiene.

“This will help protect the health worker as well as others from diarrheal diseases, Covid-19 and others. The use of liquid soap for hand washing is better than bar soap, especially in our health facilities.”

Obarisiagbon noted, “When the hands are visibly dirty, washing hands with soap should be done rather than using alcohol-based hand sanitisers.”

She added, “Special attention should be paid to the fingertips, the thumbs, the inter digital spaces between our fingers, the back of our hands, and our wrists when washing our hands. After hand washing, hands can be air dried or single use hand towels should be used to dry our hands. The hand towels should be washed after use and not shared with others.”

“We must avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands to avoid infecting ourselves.”

She urged, “Mothers of children less than 5 years old must remember to wash their hands after changing their diaper and before preparing food for their children.

“Let's remember to wash our hands before we eat, after using the convenience (rest room), and before and after contact with a sick person,” the Executive Secretary added.

According to her, “the celebration helps to increase awareness on the importance of washing our hands regularly and ensure people of all levels work together to influence the culture of washing hands always. Washing of hands regularly is a simple and effective way to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.”

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