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Oshiomhole and Dan Orbih cannot dictate for the Benins

7 Mar 2023


By Dennis Osaretin

The Benin Kingdom is known for its proud history and culture. It is also famed for the tenacity and bravery of its people. In spite of the numerous contentions to seize the land and subjugate its people, Benin city remained standing and its people unbowed.

Time and again, the people of Benin have been called upon to defend their honour and integrity, and at every time, they have answered the call.

In recent history, when dark elements both within and without tried to shake the foundation of the ancient landmark, the people of Benin rose up to the occasion and tamed the lions and Tigers as well as their Lords from Iyamho and Bourdillon, who saw the resolve of the people and took to their heels.

However, as we approach a major election again in our history, the Iyamho Lord in collaboration with the Bourdillon Lord have once again crawled out of their holes, this time, according to them, to take their revenge on the Benins who they believed hindered their takeover of the state during the last guber election. they have now also conscripted Dan Orbih in this their unholy ambition.

Some have also alluded that Governor Godwin Obaseki cannot win without the support of Adams Oshiomhole and Dan Orbih who had both supported him in time past. They have forgotten that Lucky Igbinedion won his election when the duo of Oshiomhole and Orbih were unknown in the political space.

Equally of note is the fact that Oshiomhole lost majority of the local governments in Edo North during his first tenure. The 166,577 votes he later garnered after the appeal court judgement that restored his mandate came largely from Edo South and Central.

How can someone who couldn’t deliver his senatorial district during his first tenure be the deciding factor in winning an election in Benin?

Dan Orbih on the other hand, couldn’t produce a councillor, a local government chairperson, neither could he produce a national or House of Assembly member from his senatorial district during his long reign as the PDP state chairman.

Why the Benins have always welcomed collaboration, from other senatorial districts, we equally do not entertain those that wish to Lord it over us. The people of Benin will continue to resist Oshiomhole and his party, APC in Benin who have vowed to truncate Obaseki’s regime by impeaching him if APC gets the majority in the March, 11 House of Assembly election in Edo state.

I am confident and certain that Benin people will not let that happen on Saturday. They will once again reject APC and show to the invaders how election is won like they did in 2020 when they retired Oshiomhole to Iyamho. Howbeit, this time, it will be a permanent retirement.

Osaretin is a lawyer based in Benin City, the Edo State capital

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