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Ogie Vasco a meddlesome interloper, working with counter forces to undermine Edo PDP

6 Feb 2024

At no time was he elected State Publicity Secretary of our party

… must be disregarded, ignored

Our attention has been drawn to an illegal and incredibly ridiculous statement purportedly issued by one Ogie Vasco who is unlawfully parading himself as the State Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State.

We would have ordinarily ignored the six-paragraph divisive scribbling filled with false and baseless ramblings on the party’s recently concluded ward delegate congress which took place simultaneously across the State, but for the sake of clarity, it is important to state that the rabble-rouser is an impostor and is not known to the PDP in Edo State.

More so, signing off the statement from an address that is not known to be the address of the Edo PDP Secretariat, further gives him out as a meddlesome interloper and an agent of destabilization, who should be ignored by all party members and other stakeholders.

In all modesty, the recent congress, held last Sunday, stands as one of the best congresses ever organised in the recent history of the State, but Vasco would not know that as he has never participated or witnessed a congress before, It was peaceful and credible with party members electing their delegates with keen supervision of the Committee set up by the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Party.

It is also important to clarify that the materials used for the delegate election across the State came from the 3-man Ad-hoc Ward Delegate Electoral Committee led by Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, and its distribution was handled at the PDP State Secretariat, hence Vasco's claims are not only unfounded but divisive and misleading.

If he was a genuine member of the party, he would know the location of the party secretariat and would have been able to see the materials when they came because all eligible members of the Party have access to the Secretariat , while the Delegate Committee from the Party’s National leadership were the ones in custody of the materials.

Is it not even perplexing that some aspirants are opposed to the Congress? Were they contesting as delegates themselves? And who appointed Ogie Vasco as the spokesperson of the aspirants if not for mischief and the crumbs that may fall from the table of any of the aspirants?

If Vasco was by any means informed, he would have known that Congress proceedings are determined by the party's national leadership, not the aspirants. Rather than showcasing his dorkiness, he should go and study the guidelines as issued by the National Working Committee in line with the Party’s Constitution.

We are however not surprised at the antics of Ogie Vasco and his ilk who are working with counter forces to weaken the party. We know that their game is to undermine the party in pursuit of their pecuniary interests. 

Their attempts to derail us from retaining Osadebey Avenue will not succeed. We are aware of their anti-party agenda; the same antiparty activities witnessed during the State House of Assembly election which PDP members gallantly quelled and eventually retained the maximum seats in the House.

I want to inform Ogie Vasco and his paymasters that the same gallant party members who defeated them in the past remain resolute and united, and are surefooted and ready to batter them to submission again in the coming governorship election in the State.




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