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Obaseki: We’re strengthening our security architecture to make Edo safest in Nigeria 

3 Feb 2023

L-R: Edo State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu; Patience Abidoye; Air Vice Marshal Rasheed Abidoye; Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Abutu Yaro and his wife. Jumai Abutu Yaro, during the sent-forth/promotion dinner in honour of AIG Abutu Yaro and Air Vice Marshal Olasunkanmi Rasheed Abidoye at the Government House in Benin City.

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has said the government is strengthening the state’s security architecture and partnering with security agencies in the state to make Edo the most secure place to work and live in the country.

The governor said this during the sent-forth/promotion dinner in honour of AIG Abutu Yaro and Air Vice Marshal Olasunkanmi Rasheed Abidoye, at the Government House, Benin City, Edo State.


Obaseki said, “Our goal is to make sure Edo is the most secure place in this Country. Edo is an anchor state and the heartbeat of Nigeria. If anything happens to Edo, the nation will be in disarray. It's our duty to ensure the State is secure. We can only succeed if we collaborate with security agencies.

“The security we enjoy today in the State is not accidental but as a result of effective collaboration we received from AIG Abutu and AVM Abidoye and their colleagues. When we launched our vigilante, the whole package was put together by these men and their colleagues.”


Hailing their contributions to improving security in the state, the governor added, “We are celebrating them today because of the peace we enjoy in Edo State. This event will serve as an encouragement to the security forces we work with day and night.

“We thank them for their support in our strategy to use data to combat criminality in Edo State. We have a database where we record every incident of crime in the State. These men spent time with us to study this trend of crime and strategized in fighting it. We express our gratitude to you.”

In his appreciation, Air Vice Marshal Olasukanmi Rasheed Abidoye thanked the governor and people of Edo State for their hospitality and support. 

He said, “I thank you Mr. Governor for your pragmatic leadership. Edo State is the only State where the vehicle registration scheme has prevented kidnapping and other crimes in the state. Other states in Nigeria should copy Edo’s template on security


“This send forth/promotion party will remain indelible in our hearts and we will always tell the story that we once passed through a State with honourable and noble people.”

Also, AIG Abutu Yaro noted, "Edo has been a beacon of civilization and frontrunner in Nigeria. You’ll never be complete as a security officer if you do not experience the Edo flavour.


“The beauty of Edo is that the environment is convivial for you to perform. The political leadership is such that a veritable environment exists for you to exhibit your talent and abilities, if you are committed to your assignment. Edo assimilates, accommodates and appreciates.”

“Thank you for giving us the platform to perform. Before Edo, I was in Zamfara and Imo states but Edo is different following the leadership and environment you (Governor Obaseki) and your deputy provided.”


He warned, “To all those coming to Edo with the mindset of criminality, you cannot wage a war with Edo and win. Those that tried it in Igueben Train Station are in prison now.”

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