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Obaseki steps up measures on flood control, erosion mgt, as Edo readies for launch of Edo FEWMA

9 Jan 2023

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, is set to launch the State’s Flood, Erosion, and Watershed Management Agency (Edo FEWMA), as part of renewed efforts to reduce vulnerability to flood and erosion in Edo State through prevention and rehabilitation.

The Edo FEWMA was set up by Governor Obaseki to sustain the gains recorded by this administration through the Edo State Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (Edo NEWMAP), which came to a close in mid-2022 after a ten-year impactful period in the State.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, the Project Coordinator, Edo NEWMAP and Chief Executive Officer, Edo FEWMA, Dr. Tom Obaseki, said the launch of the new agency will bolster the government’s efforts at ensuring environmental sustainability and improving the living standards of the people.

According to him, “The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, is set to launch the Edo FEWMA, a key component in the government’s efforts to protect its citizens and communities from the devastating effects of floods and erosion.

“The agency will help to sustain the progress made by the Edo NEWMAP project in terms of reducing vulnerability to flood and erosion through prevention and rehabilitation, ensuring that the State is better equipped to handle natural disasters such as floods and erosion.”

He further noted, “The Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration is committed to finding long-term solutions to flood control and erosion management in the State. We understand the devastating impact that these disasters can have on our communities and people and are dedicated to implementing measures to mitigate their effects. This includes investing in infrastructure projects such as the construction of drainage systems, as well as tree planting and landscaping programmes to enhance environmental sustainability

“We are also educating the public about the importance of flood and erosion prevention and encouraging the adoption of environmentally-friendly practices that can help to reduce the risk of these natural disasters. We believe that by taking a proactive and holistic approach to flood control and erosion management, we can create a safer and more sustainable future for all of our citizens.”

“These are a part of the reasons for the setup of the Edo FEWMA. It will be at the forefront of the government’s efforts at climate change mitigation, flood and erosion control, catchment and watershed management, and other environmental challenges, thereby sustaining the gains recorded through the Edo NEWMAP,” Dr. Tom Obaseki added.

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