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Obaseki bags Tell Magazine’s award on exceptional courage in leadership

10 Jun 2024

Publisher, Tell Magazine, Nosa Igiebor (right) presenting the Exceptional Courage in Leadership award to Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, in Government House, Benin City, on Monday.

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has been decorated with the award for exceptional courage in leadership by the Editorial Board of Tell Magazine in recognition of his contributions to the development of the State in the last seven and half years.

Presenting the award to the Governor in Government House, Benin City, the Publisher of Tell Magazine, Nosa Igiebor, commended the governor for his outstanding achievements in various sectors of the state’s economy.

He said: “You don’t like talking about yourself. Neither do you like noise making but prefer to record achievements in silence. There are people who have watched you in the last seven and a half years as Governor of Edo State and they have seen in you someone who has worked very hard. You have shown that things can be done differently.

“The Editorial Board of Tell Magazine doesn’t give awards but we have a policy where we identify individuals making differences in a very fundamental way, both in the public and private sectors. We believe we have the obligation to recognize them; not just only talking about them but presenting them with awards.

“What is so unique about you as a Governor is that you are a different kind of politician, who understands the gravity of the responsibility of being in the office you occupy.”

He continued: “You raised an alarm about the economic situation of Nigeria in 2020, saying that the country is technically broke and that those in power were trying to cover up by printing money. You warned against it; you got bashed left and right but today look at where we are?

“The duty of the Governor is to serve the people and in the estimation of the Editorial Board of Tell Magazine, you have consistently done that for Edo people in the last seven and half years. You have shown that you are a different kind of leader.”

On his part, Governor Obaseki thanked Tell Magazine for the recognition, noting that when a leader continues to shout and scream about their achievements, that leader has not really done much.

He said it is “those that have benefited from one's leadership that should tell other people about your success.”

Obaseki noted, “We focused on completing what we set out to do. This is so that by the time we focus on communicating our achievements to the people, our achievements will be visible.

“As a leader, sometimes you sit down to ask if your sacrifice is worthwhile? People are watching and appreciating the efforts one is making to create a better society.

“It’s very rewarding to realize that many more citizens may not have the voice but share in your vision, commitment and passion. It is very consoling. This award came at a very auspicious time for me when we are going through very interesting and perilous times, but we have been fervent. When we see people appreciate us, it makes us happy.”

The governor added that the country is at a crossroads, noting, “This is a time that we need fearless leaders that will say things as they are. This is so that we can look for a way out. The solution to our national problems can’t be restricted to certain ideas as Nigeria is a large country with problems and this is the time for everybody and leaders from the entire spectrum to have a serious conversation about the future of Nigeria.

“This is not the time for trade blaming, fault picking can’t be now as we all should come out and put our hands on deck to steer the ship of Nigeria out of troubled waters back to safe water.

“Thank you for this acknowledgement of our modest contributions, particularly in the area of governance. This has propelled every other reform that we have undertaken. Getting our citizens to know that politics is about service to God and the people. Thank God we have been vindicated. Our sincerity has helped us prevail over every situation.


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