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June 12: Obaseki hails Nigerians on sustenance of democratic ideals, urges Edo voters to vote wisely in Sept poll

11 Jun 2024


The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has commended Nigerians for upholding the core tenets of democracy over the 25 years, noting that efforts at democratic consolidation would engender sustainable development in the country.

In a statement, the governor also charged voters in the State to come out en masse to participate in the September 21 governorship election and to vote wisely so as to sustain the state’s developmental trajectory.

According to him, “As we mark this year’s democracy day, it is pertinent to applaud the tenacity, resilience and bravery of Nigerians in sustaining the core tenants of democracy over the past 25 years. It has remained one of our greatest legacies as a country that we are able to freely choose those who preside over our affairs and decide to either keep or change them every four years.

“We have come a long way in this journey. Though we might be where we wish to be as of today, we are better off for it as a nation. Democracy remains the most desirable form of government because of its core principles of freewill, free enterprise, civil liberties, fairness and justice.

“We have grown as a democratic nation over the years and all credit for the progress we have made goes to Nigerians who continue to respect the tenets of democracy as the best choice to attain sustainable development.”

On the upcoming Edo State governorship election, the governor urged Edo people to vote wisely, ensuring to cast their vote for the candidate who presents the most credible, pragmatic, intelligible and coherent pathway to societal development.

According to him, “As we proceed to the polls in September, it is necessary to be circumspect. We have made tremendous progress in the State in the last eight years. It is now only reasonable to ensure that the baton to the candidate who ensures sustainability of the projects, initiatives and development trajectory that we have set in the State. So, I urge you all to come en masse and vote for the most credible, accessible and competent candidate, who has a track record of excellence.”

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