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Father's Day: Obaseki lauds contribution of fathers to social cohesion, societal advancement

18 Jun 2022


The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has hailed fathers for their delicate role in holding the family unit together and bearing enormous responsibilities that have contributed to societal cohesion and advancement.

The governor, who made the submission in commemoration of Father's Day, said fathers' contribution to propagating the ethos of sacrifice, hard work, discipline, and love remain indelible in the sands of time.

According to him, “I celebrate fathers on this auspicious day set aside to acknowledge their gallantry, sacrifices, love and care in holding the family unit together.

“Tasked with an enormous responsibility of providing direction and instilling morals to the family and other relatives, fathers toil daily to make ends meet and joggle different roles such as mentor, leader, protector, provider and breadwinner.

“So much is expected from fathers and their efforts at ensuring stability, harmony and order are taken for granted. This is why it is refreshing that such a day is set out to pat them on the back as a way of acknowledging their efforts.”

The governor said the state government will continue to provide opportunities for decent work for fathers to meet up with their responsibilities in homes in the state, noting that the civil service reforms and increase in minimum wage are geared towards ensuring that fathers continue to play their role in homes across the state with dignity.

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