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Edo regional, urban master plans to be legislated, incorporated into school curriculum, says Obaseki

7 Oct 2023

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has said the State’s 30-year development plan, which consists of the Benin City Masterplan and the Edo Regional Development Plan, will be properly legislated and incorporated into school curriculum.

The governor said incorporating the plans into the school curriculum will give children in the State insight into what the plan contains and prepare them for their roles in the implementation of the development plan.

Obaseki, who spoke while addressing journalists in Benin City, the Edo State capital, said the plan will ensure a defined template for development and growth of the State.

He said the development plan is at its completion stage and will be ready by the third quarter of next year.

The governor noted, “As we design our master plan, we are going to be very resolute and undertake actions which might not be so popular but we need to because of the next generation.

“We will make sure that the master plan which we are almost concluding, as it is in its third stage now and hopefully will come alive by the third quarter of next year, contains pillars for our State development and growth.

“The master plan will be backed by law as we will legislate the master plan and when people do contrary to the master plan, they can be charged to Court.”

He added, “It will also be made compulsory by this administration as part of the learning process of students in our schools. It will be displayed, shown and taught in schools across the State for students to know what it looks like and have an idea of how their cities should look like, and have the ability to challenge their government or authorities in ensuring that the plans are maintained.”

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