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Edo lawyer decries Mayaki’s diabolic obsession with Obaseki, urges sacked aide to get a decent paying job

23 Apr 2023

An Edo State-based legal practitioner, Greg Ewah Esq., has charged a former aide to Governor of Edo State, Mr. John Mayaki, to quit the diabolic and unwarranted obsession with Governor Godwin Obaseki, and focus on building a decent career.

Ewah, who decried the recent jibes at the governor by Mayaki over the recent recognition by the World Bank, said the ex-aide was pained because he was sacked over his incompetence over seven years ago and hasn’t gotten over the unfortunate incident.

According to him, “It is quite curious that Mr. John Mayaki has made attacking the Governor his day job. He was sacked as Interim Chief Press Secretary (CPS) and has never gotten a decent job ever since. After hobnobbing with the opposition for crumbs and staging laughable Public Relations (PR) stunts for his immediate family members, he will always make a roundabout turn to obsess with the governor and issue watery stations. He would then proceed to make demands that are way above his station.

“In the eyes of the right-thinking members of the public, his actions would appear petty and infantile, but it is disturbing that Mayaki doesn’t see it as such. He thinks he is on top of the world.

“While many in the state were overjoyed over the invitation extended to Governor Obaseki to present the successes of the education reforms in the State at the Spring Meetings in Washington DC, USA, Mayaki was busy manufacturing lies and making shameful demands from the World Bank.”

He noted that the reforms being undertaken in the state are to the benefit of every child in Edo, including relatives of Mayaki, but instead of appreciating these transformational policy changes, he chose to play petty politics.

“I urge the public to disregard the tantrums from Mayaki. He is a man who needs to find a decent paying job so he can have ample time for productive work and not scheming to undermine efforts to transform the state,” Ewah said.

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