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Edo, global tech firms boost internet infrastructure to deepen e-governance, tech-driven education reforms

3 Jul 2022


The Edo State Government is prioritizing investment in digital infrastructure and leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes in schools, improve work processes and automate government systems.

Through the ongoing state-wide fibre optic connectivity, the state government is pursuing a holistic digital infrastructure project to enhance connectivity and expand the state’s digital economy.

The project is in partnership with leading global tech firms including MainOne, Facebook and Global Independent Connect Limited (GICL), among others.

According to a report by The Guardian UK, “Faster internet supplied through the cables has underpinned a drive to change the way the government in Edo works.”

The report noted that as part of efforts to drive technology in the state, the government launched the Edo Tech Park which envisions becoming the centre of the state’s growing tech ecosystem.

The hub provides “live-in, work apartments, residential and commercial real estate, tech incubators, and offices for rent,” the report added.

A Meta spokesperson said the company worked with partners “to drive innovation on all aspects of performance and efficiency” and that its partnership with MainOne had helped bring online training to 2,000 teachers in Edo and connectivity to four schools and their surrounding communities.

“The state’s previously analogue civil service now uses an online government portal supported by partnerships with Microsoft and using fibre-optic internet access provided by MainOne and Facebook,” the report quoted Emmanuel Magnus Eweka, a former senior government official.

Eweka further added, “The level of accountability this system brings is so effective. Right now, if a case file is sent to a civil servant from the governor’s office, the governor can see exactly when it is opened, and whether it has been actualised. So the days when you send one file somewhere and it gets lost in the system are gone.

“Schools in Edo and areas where fibre-optic cables can be accessed have benefited from subsidised internet connectivity and are also working with Microsoft-based learning programs, improving the quality of education.”

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