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2023 elections: Edo PDP slams renegade members, Judge for attempting to derail campaign with frivolous court orders

2 Dec 2022


The Edo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has slammed some of its renegade members and a Justice of the Federal High Court, Abuja, for attempting to deploy frivolous court orders/judgements to derail its campaigns in the 2023 general elections.

The party in a statement by the state chairman, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi, said it will not be distracted or derailed by the shenanigans of some disgruntled members who are working for ‘extraterrestrial paymasters.’  

According to him, “The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State received with great shock and disappointment the news of the reported judgement of the Honourable Justice Ekwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja, purporting to uphold the candidacy of some members of the party as the candidates of the PDP in the forthcoming National Assembly and State Legislative elections.

“It is interesting and perhaps worrisome that in the run-up to these elections, over nine (9) different court orders in favour of these members of the PDP have been issued by the very same Court of the Honourable Justice Ekwo."

He noted that the orders and judgements have hitherto suffered the humiliation of being set aside on appeal for being given either without jurisdiction or in defiance of laid down principles of law and justice.

He said, “These most recent judgments/orders coming on the heels of the judgement of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Federal High Court on the same subject and between the same parties, will certainly suffer the same fate of reversal on appeal that its unfortunate predecessors have.

“It is clear from the timing and content of these new orders/judgments that the intent of these members is to use their judicial access and props to distract and disrupt the legitimate campaigns of our respective candidates in the forthcoming Legislative elections in Edo State.

“The PDP is determined to ensure that these schemes are met with failure and defeat as the party and our candidates will be undaunted and will continue to vigorously campaign to bring our message of hope, rejuvenation, change and development to our people at all levels of society.”

He continued: “May we by this notice enjoin all well-meaning Edo people and the recognised PDP candidates not to be caught up or dismayed. We have a subsisting Appeal Court judgment recognising our candidates to whom the National Headquarters have issued certificates of Return.

“The party has, as usual, instructed its very competent legal team to expeditiously challenge and set aside these obvious unsupportable and illogical orders/judgement, which purport to reverse extant decisions not only of the Supreme Court but the Court of Appeal and co-ordinate Judges in Federal High Court system.

“We urge our teeming supporters, candidates, stakeholders and the general public to resist the temptation of being drawn into the non-existent controversies being manufactured by these agents of discord and vigorously continue in their preparation towards the General elections coming up in less than 100 days.

“We are convinced that it is only a question of time for the lies, shenanigans, subterfuges and propaganda to hit their expiry dates. The perpetrators will then run out of space to hide or create alternative realities based on falsehoods.

“The PDP remains resolute in its desire to provide the best democratic options for the people of Edo State and we call upon all persons of Goodwill to shun and ignore deceit, propaganda and falsehood designed to derail the coming benefits which the generality of our people anxiously await.

“We call on all persons to vote for the candidates of the PDP in all the forthcoming elections and we solemnly undertake to defend those votes with every energy at our disposal.”

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