Yuletide Power Outage: Obaseki Describes BEDC’s Excuse as Flimsy, Unacceptable

…Appeals to Buhari to revoke operational licence of power firm

Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, has again decried the gross inefficiency of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) in providing stable electricity for residents of the state, who will celebrate Christmas and the New Year festivities in darkness.

Obaseki said Edo people deserve a better service provider than BEDC, more so, considering the fact that Edo State is host to Azura Power plant which generates over 700MW of electricity to the national grid.

“At a time families should be enjoying uninterrupted electricity supply as they celebrate Christmas and New Year in the state, BEDC is again unable to live up to the minimum expectation of providing electricity.

“No excuse is good enough for the abysmal failure of BEDC and we appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to without delay, revoke the operational licence of BEDC and rescue  Edo people and residents from the crappy service being delivered to our people who are harassed weekly by BEDC to pay for electricity that it did not supply,” Obaseki said.

He lamented that “Forcing electricity consumers to pay for services they did not enjoy with estimated bills is tantamount to corruption, which the Buhari-led government is committed to nipping in the bud.”

Obaseki wondered why Nigerians in Borno and Kaduna states are celebrating uninterrupted power supply yet, Edo people are in unending darkness.

The governor, further said that much as he is not a believer in conspiracy theories, he is however constrained to believe that BEDC is on a mission to sabotage the developmental efforts of his administration.

“There can be no better time to enjoy electricity than during the Christmas holiday and only an enemy of progress will make Edo people spend the holidays in darkness,” the governor emphasised.

He expressed his regrets over the unnecessary sufferings associated with celebrating the holiday period in BEDC-induced darkness and assured that his administration will continue to work for better deals across all sectors of the state.

Governor Obaseki
Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State

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