The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the September 28 Edo Governorship elections, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, has promised that he would govern the state with a deep sense of duty to God and the people of Edo when elected into office.


Obaseki, who is a fourth generation Christian of the Anglican faith, made the pledge at the Birthday Ceremony of Pastor Rex omosefe, the Head Pastor of Royal World Ministry, Benin City.


According to him: “Governance is about public service – working devotedly for the good of the people. No matter the religion a person professes, one cannot truly claim of serve God if we do not do all that is in our power do better the lives of those around us.”


“This is the primary reason I am in the race to be governor today: to use everything that God has given me – my time, creativity, vast network and energy – to improve the lives of our people, and to better our state. I am offering myself not for personal gains – because I have been richly blessed by God – but out of a deep sense of duty to God and a genuine desire to serve the people of Edo State.”


Speaking on the current global economic recession, Obaseki said: “Indeed, these are tough times for us as a people but with a focused and determined leader who has got integrity, expertise and experience in solving complex economic problems, we can rise above our current challenges and make Edo a truly prosperous state for us all.”


“Edo State is blessed with rich human and natural resources, and the time to turn our immense endowment into wealth for our state and greater opportunities for our people is now! For over 30 years as an investment management expert, I have helped many companies and institutions create wealth and jobs and, with your continued prayers and support, we will transform Edo State into one of the sub-nationals in Nigeria”, he assured.

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