Obaseki tasks Anglican community on school upgrade


Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, on Tuesday, charged the Chairman of the Edo State Chapter and the Bishop of the Anglican Communion, Benin Diocese, Bishop Peter Imasuen to either develop the Church’s educational institution, or risk a state government takeover

He said: “I am particular about education because we all know the power of education. During my predecessor’s tenure, we transferred 3 schools as test cases to the missions – 1 each to the Anglican Communion, the Baptist and the Catholic. I am putting it on notice that if the standard of that school does not improve in the next two years, the government will take it back. I am prepared to work with you to do whatever we need to do to get that school to where it should be.”

In addition, he reassured the clergyman that his administration’s priorities were clear, and that the government needed to re-enact basic education because failure to ensure that teaching standards and curriculum reached international levels.

Meanwhile, the governor attributed all his accomplishments to God, revealing that it would be untrue to attribute them to his planning and policy-making, while also declaring that the Anglican Communion had a responsibility to the country.

Bishop Imasuen, for his part, commended the governor for the massive reconstruction projects going on in the state, while also assuring the governor, who was also of the Anglican faith, that the Church would improve on the important areas pointed out by the Governor.

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