Obaseki confirms appointment of 18 councils’ education secretaries after receiving c’ttee report

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has confirmed the appointment of 18 Local Government Education Secretaries after receiving the report of the 11-man committee on selection of new education secretaries for LGEAs.

The governor commended the Barr. Anselm Ojezua-led committee, noting that the local government level needs strong education managers to make the system viable, efficient and effective.

“I want to thank you for a good job. This is one of the most efficient committees we have set-up in the life of this administration. Within a month of setting up the committee, you are presenting the report today.

“Having gone through this exercise, you understand better now because this position is at the crux of our basic education administration. If we do not have strong managers at the local government level, then everything falls apart,” the governor said.

He said the exercise is another milestone in the governance framework for the education system in Edo State, adding, “Everything is made or marred at the governance level, no matter how brilliant the idea is. No amount of money put into the process without credible men and women to support the system, everything will fall apart.”

Obaseki noted that the exercise was devoid of political influence as his administration does not play politics with education, noting, “We are doing things differently now. These people have been appointed without political interference. They have been appointed based on merit as we will not politicize education in Edo State. We want the best for Edo children.

“We have gone through the first stage of identifying qualified people who we hope will have integrity to man these positions. It is important to recommend an onboarding session, where they will be put through the dos’ and the don’ts of the system. These people will be responsible for re-writing and re-starting the new educational system in Edo State.

“I have accepted this report and confirmed their appointment which will be made immediately,” he added.

The chairman of the committee, Barr. Anselm Ojezua, said the committee received a total of 52 applications, adding that the committee was provided with a proposed list of criteria to determine eligibility of candidates.

Ojezua said, “At the end of the exercise, this committee has found 18 teachers who have offered themselves to serve in the capacity of Education Secretary for the Local Government Areas (LGA) to be worthy and competent to do so. We thereby feel confident to recommend them to be appointed as Education Secretaries and deployed to the 18 Local Government Area of Edo State.”

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