Creating two hundred thousand (200,000) job employment through agriculture and youth empowerment programs as promised during electioneering campaign of Godwin Obaseki is on the progress board as blue prints are currently being drawn for an achievable road map in making it a reality.

It has come to the knowledge of every citizen of Nigeria as a Nation, the need to bounce back to Economic Stability which may require diversification of the present source of economic trend as a great nation and Edo State in particular.

However, the Governor-elect Godwin Obaseki, made it known to the people of Edo State the urgent need to diversify Edo state’s economy as this will reduce the alarming rate of poverty and stabilize the state and nation’s economy.

Achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving poverty by 2017 requires developing alternative measures to increase the per capital incomes of his people and GDP of the State and Nigeria at large ..

What should government engage in to increase per capital income of her citizens? Specifically, how can we improve development co-operation, trade and agricultural policy to better promote agriculture’s contribution to poverty reduction?

Globally, (though not all countries) achievement has been credited largely to economic growth. But what causes economic growth and more relevant for present purposes, what causes agricultural growth? There is widespread agreement on a general list of necessary conditions, e.g access to output and input markets accommodated by a good transportation, marketing and processing infrastructure; non-discriminatory tax and trade policy, high rates of investment in agricultural research and extension, a system of ownership rights that encourages initiatives; employment creating non-agricultural growth; well functioning institutions; good governance and so on.

Agricultural income growth is more effective in reducing poverty than growth in other sectors because it is rooted in rural areas where the indigenous people can strive to earn money and also reinvest it back to the economy.

To this end, the administration of Godwin Obaseki has great plans towards revamping agricultural productions of large commercial quantities in eradicating poverty from Edo state.

Key areas remains Agro Allied , Aqua Farming, Crop farming and processing plants, farm marketing etc. Edo state is blessed with rich soil for crop production, thus it is imperative to take advantage of the God gifted natural environment.

The administration will also provide soft loan facilities to enable farmers venture large commercial scale farming and it will also boost farm marketing which will also serve as another great source of income generation.

Finally, Edo will be great again via continuity of governance . 200,000 jobs is very possible, every Edo youth should embrace this great opportunity of economy diversification…

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