Godwin Obaseki is a threadmill betwen the young and old generation of our time, belonging to, and in midst of these two hegemonies.

A close contact with the man called Godwin Obaseki reveals a very high perplex of a visionary personality.

A man passionately and politically motivated to create employment and industrialization in Edo State, thereby willing to server in a state in dare need of economic prosperity.

Government, Governance and Politics to Godwin Obaseki means selfless service to once father land and he has proven it going by the development in Edo State the last 7 years.

He has paid his own way and made us all proud as Edo People. Since he is offering himself as to our generation, in an attempt and effort with the help of us all trying to lay the groundwork for real sustained and workable public delivery system,near those you find overseas.

Godwin Obaseki needs our support to achieve all these.

This period of economic down turn and global chaotic financial instability in Nigeria, where Edo State is not immune to it, its of necessity and vitality to support a financial expert to pull us all out from this unforeseen negative economics.

Unlike many that has come and gone, Mr Godwin Obaseki is directly working with progressives in the state to hasten developments aiming to nurture a new political order, so that when the transition comes “we don’t end up in the same place as we did in the past.

when the Soviet Union collapsed”,it was the lack of real leaders with economic experience. As for what might bring about that change, Mr Godwin Obaseki does think it will be putting the right pegs in right holes. Either Oshiomile or the party will anoint a successor or not, Godwin Obaseki doesnt think or percieve democratic participation in that light.

Mr Godwin Obaseki is of the illusion that the most credible persons in our society should be put forward for leadership and should not be a do or die illusion.

How long his vision might take does,nt mean much to him, as long as we just hit the road with action.

This is why he,s working with anyone who genuinely has the good interest of Edo State.

Godwin Obaseki thinks about the future of Edo State: “

My Chat with Godwin Obaseki has renewed my thinking and commitment that this gentleman wants to have a seat at a virtual round table about the future of Edo State and the return of Indutries to our dear state, and he,s prepared to work with anyone to achieve this.He,s so passionate about what Edo State would look like after now .”

Mr Godwin Obaseki spoke so commitedly the return of our lost values and the synergy between our old and young generation.

He wants many of the young people who might be thinking of leaving the country, to stay put and lets all join hands to develop our state, so as to avoid brain drains in Edo State.

He nicknamed his vision an exodus to Industrial reawakening in Edo State.

Shortly before ending the chat, Mr Godwin Obaseki said he did wish to support every hard working Edo State Indegene a Government of accountability, where the most hard working persons are not ignored.

Hard work from my perception about Mr Godwin Obaseki simply is the story of Eduard Uraskulov, a 30 year old, who was born in the small North Caucasus republic of Karachavo-Cherkessia in Russia. He considers himself a Russian, wearing his nationality as lightly as his German, French or Brazilian peers. His road to London’s City started with a degree at Moscow’s prestigious New Economic School, then headed by Sergei Guriev, one of the country’s top economists. In 2013 Mr Guriev, who had advised Mr Eduard to study hard,now a professor in Paris, he has just been appointed chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.)

Aristo Osa Ibie.

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