BY: Endurance Ihungbe Oboite

BENIN: The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the September 10 governorship election in Edo State Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki has called on the well meaning Ovia people to get ready to work after his swearing in as Governor in November this year. He made the statement while campaigning at Okada in Ovia North East Local Government Area of the State.

He stated that the Comrade Governor Adams Aliyu Oshomhole has laid a solid foundation of developmenting the State which according to him is strong enough to withstand a skye scrapper of development. He listed some of the achievements of the present administration of the Comrade Governor which he is an integral part of to include construction of roads, building of both primary and secondary schools in the local government and across the State, building of hospitals and health Centers increase in subvention to Edo State Polytechnic Usen and provision of learning infrastructure for the institution.

He said his promise to provide two hundred thousand jobs for Edo People is not a joke but a concluded fact in which he has already design the template to make it a reality. According to him, “Hope is coming to Ovia, our leader the Comrade Governor has laid a solid foundation. He has started the building of roads, schools, hospitals and health centers all across the State. We have increased the subvention to the Edo State Polytechnic Usen in this local government. He has done all this work in the last seven and a half years. The Comrade Governor has built a very solid foundation and what is left for me and my running mate Hon. Philip Shaibu is to consolidate and build on it. We will continue to build infrastructure, complete many of the roads we have started all around this LGA and also build new ones”.

“But more importantly, I called on all our youths to get ready for work because work is coming to Ovia Land. Me and my running mate will bring industries and jobs for as many of you who will be willing to work in Ovia. When I told them that we will create two hundred thousand jobs, they said it is a lie. But I was not surprised because I know of a fact that they have not worked any where before which is why they don’t know how to create jobs. We have given out 35,000 hectares of farm land to investors who are coming to set up farms here in Ovia and I plead with all the youths from this area to get ready to work because we will train you all in different skills in our own State owned Polytechnic situate in Usen here on the different task that will be required by the investors that are coming to set up the farms. So that we can be the benefiters of the Jobs they are bringing”.He assures the enthusiastic and elated people of Ovia that women and youths empowerment will be key in his administration. “In my administration women will be given priority in the training exercise so that they can be accommodated in the job revolution that is coming. We will provide soft loans for those who will be interested in business so that they can improve their business”. He stated.

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