Emotan Gardens: Subscription grows on back of Benin-Abraka Road reconstruction, increased security, others

As holiday-makers settle in for the Yuletide celebrations in Edo State, there has been sustained interest in Emotan Gardens, the estate project being developed by the Edo State Government through the Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) and Mixta Nigeria, a renowned real estate firm.

Checks at the estate show that there has been increased interest in the estate by Edo people holidaying in the state, with some taking guided tours of the project site.

The growing interest in the estate is linked to increased security occasioned by the state’s new security architecture, Operation Wabaizigan, and the award of contract for the reconstruction of the Benin-Abraka Road, among others.

A cross-section of interested subscribers, who spoke to journalists in Benin City, said that the state government’s commitment to the project has been unprecedented, noting that the rate at which the development of the estate is advancing is quite exciting.

Mr. Igbinoba Orobosa, who is based in Germany, said that the state government’s commitment to the estate got him interested in the project, which he said is advancing at an appreciable pace.

“I got to hear about the project from some of my friends. Though I had sent some people to check it, then I came around and decided to check it out myself. I must confess, I am really impressed. This is what good governance is all about. I am definitely getting a unit,” he said.

Kaduna-based Mr. Friday Okosun, said he expects that the state’s new security architecture will address insecurity in different parts of the state, clearing the way for people to invest in the state, especially in the housing sector.

According to him, “I am quite impressed after a tour of the site. This is the first time I am witnessing this in the state. The enthusiasm of the state government on the project is contagious.”

Mrs. Florence Osahon, on her part, said that the estate project has provided a viable option to own a home without necessarily breaking the bank, adding that the prospect that the state is going to have an artificial lake, shopping malls and a lot more, is interesting.

She said that the state government’s commitment to the project informed her decision to buy a unit, as the different initiatives promised at the inception of the project are already taking shape.

Emotan Gardens: Mixta Nigeria hails award of Benin-Abraka Road reconstruction, security architecture
Some of the houses in Emotan Gardens being built by Mixta Nigeria in partnership with Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) in Benin City, Edo State.


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