Edo first lady advocates for victimised widows

Wife of Edo state Governor, Mrs Betsy Obaseki has spoken against harmful widowhood practices still prevalent in some parts of the state and country while also taking advocacy measures to address the situation.

The Governor’s wife, addressing the Felix King Foundation at Edo State Government House in Benin City, described the practices against widows as barbaric and inhuman, emphasising that the time had come for concerted efforts from the government, NGOs, corporate bodies and individuals to  unite  against harmful practices directed at “hapless, harmless and helpless widows making their plight even more heart-breaking.”

She also commended the leader of the delegation and founder of the Felix Kings foundation, Mr Felix King Eiremiokhae, saying, “You have taken your plans to the right quarters. We thank God that you have come to Edo state and we recognise that you cannot be doing this work far away from your people. We are calling on all well-meaning Edo people to come back home and make a difference because God has come to Edo state to do great things and you are an evidence.

Meanwhile Eiremiokhae described the foundation as a non-profit organisation aimed at caring for disadvantaged widows and their children through advocacy, empowerment, funding, and scholarships for children of such widows.

Mr Felix stated that the foundation empowered 96 disadvantaged widows spread across Edo State in March through skills acquisition and business start-up grants.

He also commended the First Lady, saying, “This foundation is my way of touching lives. When we did opinion poll in the state we realised that the people love you because of your way of life, and we believe if you add your voice, we can fight this scourge.”

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